X.PROF 109 Bioflash NCTC-109

Professional Use Only
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Sterile ampoule of micronutrients for bi-orevitalization.


Bioflash NCTC-109 is a formula designed to provide the skin with a great variety of essential micronutrients that participate in physiological biochemical processes. The vitamins, amino acids, mineral salts and coenzymes in the formula stimulate vital cell functions, encouraging the synthesis of proteins such as elastin, collagen, etc. The vitamins have a trophic and stimulating effect on skin repair processes as well as an antioxidant effect.

The amino acids act as physiological elements that stimulate protein synthesis, encouraging skin tissue regeneration. Coenzymes help to catalyze biochemical tissue reactions and to activate cell communication. The minerals palliate skin deficiencies.

We recommend using a transdermal delivery system such as microneedling or mesotherapy.


5 ml -10 vials