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A sterile solution that acts on multiple enzymes and receptors of lipolysis to reduce the size and number of adipocytes.

The hypodermis is formed by numerous adipocyte among which a series of nourishing fluids circulate. They serve to support the skin while eliminating toxins. In certain circumstances, the adipocytes increase in size, hindering correct drainage. This causes the intercellular fluid to thicken, interfering with the functioning of the micro-circulatory system and the formation of cellulite. 221 Lipolytic Solution acts on numerous enzymes and lipolytic receptors to reduce the size and number of the adipocytes. As part of a complete figure concern treatment, 221 lipolytic solution can be used as a reducing phase subsequent to another drainage-type phase.

Presentation: 5 vials - 10 ml each

Product Protocol

We recommend using a transdermal delivery system such as microneedling or mesotherapy.