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Ha Densimatrix Serum

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Purity of hyaluronic acid in multiple molecular forms for an effective skin filling and hydrating.

Mechanism of Action

Concentrated treatment with hyaluronic acid that provides the skin with a moisturizing, antiaging, repulping and filling action. Combines hyaluronic acid in several molecular forms to provide, stimulate and protect its presence in key skin layers. Protects hyaluronic acid from degradation and blocks free radicals to prevent skin aging.


It promotes collagen and elastin synthesis to provide firmness and elasticity to tissues and correct wrinkles. Indicated for all types of skin. Indicated at any age.

Product Protocol

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Apply 4-5 drops on skin for moisturizing effect proceed with your usual anti-aging or sunscreen treatment. For daily protection from degradation and blocks free radicals to prevent skin aging. Apply each morning before your day cream. For intensive action, apply each morning and evening. To maximize the effect, proceed with the treatment for 4 weeks.


Active Ingredients

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The formula of ha densimatrix contains three unique complexes with synergistic action that provide unique efficacy results:

• HA densimatrix® complex

• Anti-hyaluronidase complex

• Antiaging pro complex

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