Cosmelan® Resources

From Professional Protocol to Social Media Kit, everything you may need to thrive with the #1 depigmentation method

Cosmelan® Professional Protocol

Step-by-step application professional treatment protocol and most common FAQ's.

 Cosmelan® Evaluation Form

Suggested Cosmelan® Evaluation Form you can use when performing patient consultation.

Cosmelan® Patient Consent Form

Suggested Cosmelan® Consent Form you can use and adapt to your brand.

Cosmelan® Home Care Protocol

Step-by-step at home regimen for your patient and most common FAQ's.

Cosmelan® Catalogue English 

Detailed information about the Cosmelan® method and how it counteracts the melanogenesis process.

Cosmelan® Catalogue Español

Información detallada sobre el método Cosmelan® y como contraataca el proceso de melanogénesis - en Español!

Cosmelan® Social Media Kit

Video, stories, and more! Everything you need to boost your Social Media and post about the #1 depigmentation method in the world!

Cosmelan® Patient Brochure

Trifold brochure you can use in your practice to promote the Cosmelan® method to your patients.

Transform your patients' lives now with the #1 pigmentation solution

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