EPIGEN Keratoderm 10/2

EPIGEN Keratoderm 10/2

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Powerful body moisturizer for keratosis and dry skin.

Mechanism of Action:
Through a synergistic effect between active ingredients, an intensely hydrating formula simultaneously encourages peeling, stimulates healing, maintains the hydrolipidic layer and restores the skin’s pH levels. The skin becomes smooth and the corneal layer thins out, favoring the absorption of the ingredients. Maslinic acid which has proven epigenetic effects — redensifies, firms, repairs and improves the skin’s structure.

Orange peel skin, Dry skin, Xerosis, Dehydrated skin, Keratosis. 


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Application Technique
Apply daily to clean and dry skin by massaging lightly until the product is fully absorbed. Its ultra-light formula allows you to get dressed immediately after application.

Active Ingredients

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Urea · Panthenol · Salicylic Acid · Maslinic Acid

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