EPIGEN 180 Pigment Defense Serum

EPIGEN 180 Pigment Defense Serum

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Apply daily to clean and dry skin by massaging lightly until the product is fully absorbed. Its ultra-light formula allows you to get dressed immediately after application..

Mechanism of Action:

A multi-targeted powerful blend of anti-pigmentation ingredients disrupt the formation of melanin synthesis in multiple stages by reducing the transport and accelerating the removal of pigmentation.

A highly effective dual action time released serum helps to promote an increase in transdermal hydration

Post Inflammatory Pigmentation, Solar Lentigos, Ephelides.  


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Application Technique
Gently massage a small amount onto clean and dry skin, primarily at night.

Active Ingredients

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Epigenetic Actives Blend · Niacinamide · 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid · Azeloglicina · Retinol · Bisabolol · Phytic Acid

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