C.PROF 224 Celullishock Solution

Professional Use Only
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A sterile solution with a potent combination of active ingredients to treat cellulite and abnormal accumulation of water and toxins in the subcutaneous tissue, which is caused by the slowing down of circulation, hypertrophy of adipose cells, and, finally, hardening of adipose tissue.

Mechanism of Action 224 cellulishock solution promotes the activation of the metabolism and breakdown of fatty acids, reducing adipocyte volume. it contains properties that increase vein tone and improve microcirculation.

Presentation: 5 vials -10 ml each


Treatment of cells in all their forms and degrees of evolution and reduction of fat nodules.

Method of Use

Use transdermal modality to penetrate the product deeper into the skin. The modalities that we recommend are microchanneling, micro needling, and mesotherapy