Frequently Asked Questions

Login & Account

How do I open a professional account at

Creating an XTETIC Professional account is quick, easy, and free. click in register.
   Make sure you have these on hand and follow the instructions:
   I. A working email address at any domain
   II. A valid phone number
   III. A valid address and ZIP code
   IV. If you belong to a company or facility, please provide the name, the website, and a valid phone number
   V. A valid professional license (esthetician, cosmetologist, physician, physician assistant, or nurse) to be attached
   VI. A resellers permit, if you have one, to be attached
The account will take 24 hours to be processed, you will then receive an activation e-mail that will prompt you to create your password (NOTE: If you cannot find your activation e-mail, please check the spam folder). Now you are all set to discover the benefits it has!

What professional licenses does XTETIC accept?

a) Esthetician
b) Cosmetologist
c) Physician
d) Physician Assistant
e) Nurse

How do I log in at

Head to login and enter your credentials.

I forgot my login information: user

Your login user is the e-mail address you used to open the account. If you don’t remember it, please click here.

I forgot my login information: password

button, follow the instructions and resume your learning. You can reset your password via email by clicking here.

How can I change my password?

To change your password you must Log-out and click on "Forgot your password?", next follow the steps to can change your password.

Orders and guidelines

Are shown prices retail prices?

All prices shown at are wholesale prices.

Can I request samples from XTETIC?

Yes, you must have an XTETIC Professional account. Please log in and fill out the Contact Us form letting us know which products you want to try. An XTETIC Aesthetic Consultant will contact you within 24 business hours.

What is the minimum purchase to place an order?

There is no minimum purchase to place an order. You will receive free ground shipping on orders $1,000 or more. Keep in mind that retail products are sold with an extra discount from 6 units up.

What payment methods does XTETIC approve?

All major credit cards, Apple Pay and PayPal.

What are pre-order and backorder?

PRE-ORDER means that the product is out-of-stock right now but it will arrive with the next shipment at our warehouse from the Laboratory and will shortly be shipped to you; whilst BACKORDER means that a product is out-of-stock, but we don’t have information on when it will be shipped to us from the Laboratory.

Why is a product not available?

We may have run out of stock, or it may have been discontinued by the provider. For further information please contact an Aesthetic Consultant at 818-432-9500 or via email at

What are your shipping methods and rates?

Orders are sent from Monday to Friday. We make great efforts to process all orders the same day if we receive them before 1:00 p.m. PST. XTETIC is subject to the policies of the transportation company, and COVID-19 restrictions. Free ground shipping is available on orders $1,000 and up. Express shipping rates will be calculated at checkout.

When will I receive my order? 

It depends on your time zone, sometimes it can take up to 5 business days. 

What should I do if there is a shipping error on my order? 

You must reach your Aesthetic Consultant immediately, call 818-432-9500 or email us at 

How can I use my Discount Code?

All discount codes must be applied at checkout. Make sure you have read the disclaimer, the code may some have restrictions. 

Why doesn’t my discount code work?

Your code may be expired, already used, or combined with another discount. Please refer to the code’s disclaimer, it may have restrictions.

I am having problems placing an order online

Please contact an Aesthetic Consultant at 818-432-9500 or via email at

How do I access my Order History?

To view the orders you have placed online, please log in to your XTETIC Professional account and click the user icon, you'll find the Order History section.
You can also click here.

Return Guidelines

To go to the return guideline click here.

How do I return or exchange an order or a product?

To find information please click here.

How do I return a damaged product?

To find information please click here.

The brand

What makes XTETIC different from other professional lines? 

EXPERIENCE: XTETIC is a brand with more than 20 years of work in the industry alongside some of the best professionals worldwide. 
QUALITY: We offer high-quality products that meet strict criteria and superior standards in manufacturing, packaging, transportation, and delivery, your satisfaction is guaranteed!  ATTENTION: We are compromised with each one of you, offering personalized attention through our highly trained Aesthetic Consultants. 
EDUCATION: XTETIC Academy emerges from the necessity of being updated on the latest procedures and techniques. We would love to see you elevate your practice with our support! 

What are the benefits of having an XTETIC account?

Having a Professional Account means you are part of the professional community in the aesthetic industry! You have:
EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to high-quality medical-grade European products for skin health.  PRIORITY for discounts and unique product promotions. 
INVITATIONS to Symposiums, Master Classes, and more.  
ACADEMIC MATERIAL from our online library, which includes protocols, live webinars, and videos to keep you updated with the latest trends from experts in the industry.  
What are you waiting to elevate your skills as a professional and update your protocols alongside global leaders in the industry? CREATE AN ACCOUNT NOW.

Where do I find the protocols for my products?

To download a Protocol please sign in or log in to your XTETIC Professional account, search for the product that you would like a protocol for, display the Protocol tab and download the PDF.

What is a Personalized Transformation Protocol?

A Personalized Transformation Protocol is a video that’s part of the 1st series designed for professionals in the aesthetic industry. It walks you through the protocols for specific cases and exposes useful in-office recommendations. You can find them by clicking Here.

Does XTETIC offer training?

Yes. XTETIC offers a range of training options from Master Courses, Symposiums, Private Training, and a Free Online Library. For more training information Click Here.

Where is XTETIC located? / What is XTETIC’s address?

XTETIC headquarters office is located at 11313 Weddington St. North Hollywood, CA 91601.

I want to learn about the XTETIC facility

We are located in North Hollywood, CA. Our 11,0002-feet facility has everything to become your new favorite place to learn, practice and shop the best Medical Aesthetics products. You can enjoy:
   a) Two 60-person capacity customizable training rooms
   a) Fully stocked essentials for aesthetic procedures
   a) Individual wash stations located within each training room
   a) Customizable classroom settings
   a) Advanced AV equipment ready
   a) Top-Down camera paired with HD projector
   a) Wi-Fi access throughout facility
   a) ADA compliant facility
   a) Temperature controlled rooms
   a) Natural light features
   a) Concierge services - available upon request
   a) Private parking - 30 vehicle capacity
You can also pick up your orders on-site.

Can I rent the XTETIC facility for projects or events?

Yes. At XTETIC we encourage teamwork with other industry leaders, so if you are in search of a place to hold a professional event or demo your latest product or service, we have you covered. Please contact us here and we will reach you within 24 business hours.


Why can’t I see the complete list of ingredients?

An active ingredient is, according to the FDA, any component that promotes a pharmacological activity or other direct effects in a determined treatment. These are responsible for the consequences of the product on people. Please keep in mind that only the ACTIVE INGREDIENTS of each product are listed because the complete formulas are held by the Laboratories. If you have a specific question, our Education Department is ready to help you, please submit your questions via Contact Us and they will reach you within 24 business hours.

I have other questions, who can I contact?

To contact an Aesthetic Consultant dial 818-432-9500. Monday-Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. PST or contact us via email at