X.PROF Ginko Biloba - 100 Ampoules

X.PROF Ginko Biloba - 100 Ampoules


Sterile ampoule of ginkgo biloba for transcutaneous application that may improve circulation.

Extract of ginkgo biloba leaves improves microcirculation due to its high flavonoid concentration. It has important anti-varicose and eutrophic effects on the connective tissue, encouraging collagen synthesis in the blood vessel walls and helping to reduce cell permeability.

It achieves a superior reduction in the oxidative stress induced on epidermal cells by ultraviolet radiation to that achieved by beta-carotene and vitamin E.

It has a lipolytic effect mediated by stimulation of hormone sensitive lipase.


Product Protocol

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We recommend using a transdermal delivery system such as microneedling or mesotherapy.

Active Substances

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Ginko Biloba 4%

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