Purifier System

Purifier System


Keratolytic and sebum-regulating treatment for acne.


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Mechanism of Action

The treatment contains a combination of products designed to regulate keratinization, sebaceous activity and inflammation. It improves the appearance of comedones and papules, and prevents their formation thanks to effectively controlling acne outbreaks, thereby preventing post-acne dark spots or scars.


Comedogenic acne. Mild inflammatory acne. Seborrheic skin.



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Application Technique:

Perform a cycle of INNO-SYSTEM PURIFIER every 4 months during the first year. After that period, a cycle every 6 or 8 months can be performed according to the patient’s evolution.

Active Ingredients

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Kit contents and Active ingredients

  • INNO-DERMA Deep Cleanser (100 ml)

  • INNO-TDS Recovery ID (1ml-ampoules, 4 units)

  • INNO-EXFO Skin Recovery (2 vials of 5 ml)

  • INNO-DERMA β Purifier


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