PROMO Lightening Mask + Pigment Defense = FREE 3x Restructurer

Professional Use Only
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Purchase 6 Lightening Cream + 6 Pigment Defense serum and receive 3 FREE INNO-TDS® Restructurer

6x Lightening Cream - Professional use - 15g
Unique exfoliating treatment using vitamin A as a therapeutic element against photoaging on levels I and II associated with mild pigmentations.

6x Pigment Defense Serum - Home maintenance - 30ml
A multi-targeted powerful blend of anti-pigmentation ingredients disrupts the formation of melanin synthesis in multiple stages by reducing the transport and accelerating the removal of pigmentation.


3x INNO-TDS® Restructurer - Professional use - 4x5ml
Combination of antioxidant ingredients that protect the skin tissue from free radical damage. Thereby, this formula prevents skin aging, enhances moisture and helps to repair the components of the extracellular matrix.