PROMO Lightening Mask + Age Perfection = FREE 3x DNA Pept-HA

Professional Use Only
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Purchase 6 Lightening Cream + 6 Age Perfection serum and receive 3 FREE INNO-TDS®  DNA Pept-HA

6x Lightening Cream - Professional use - 15g
Unique exfoliating treatment using vitamin A as a therapeutic element against photoaging on levels I and II associated with mild pigmentations.

6x Age Perfection Serum 24H - Home maintenance - 30ml
Promotes the synthesis of the different types of collagen and HA, thus reducing TEWL (Transdermal Water Loss). Helps to neutralize free radicals favouring cellular detoxification and effectively protecting DNA from oxidative damage. Moreover, it regulates skin inflammation processes associated with skin aging.


3x INNO-TDS® DNA Pept-HA - Professional use - 4x2.5ml
Restores the physiological condition of the extracellular matrix. It promotes and improves skin healing processes.