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PROMO - Bodyshock Home Pack


GET 3of each Bodyshock home care product for a special price!

It is essential to use body shock products for home maintenance during and after cabin treatment, to achieve greater efficacy. 

3 Bodyshock Total Reducer: Day cream to prevent, slow down and maintain the body fat levels generated. 
3 Bodyshock Local Reducer: Cream for decreasing localized fat in problem areas: thighs, hips, and arms.
3 Bodyshock Night Reducer: Night cream for decreasing localized fat deposits and facilitating drainage of excess fluids.
3 Bodyshock Push Up:  has been specifically formulated to stimulate the skin of the breasts and buttocks to encourage synthesis and optimize its own natural systems.
3 Bodyshock Reducer Pills: Oral supplement to inhibit the absorption of fat.
3 Bodyshock Slim Up Reducer: Intensive oral supplement as an express treatment for decreasing localized fat deposits.