PROMO Age Element Boosters - FREE Resurfacing Peel Solution

Professional Use Only
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Be part of the epigenetic revolution!
Get 1 of each Age Element Booster and get a FREE Resurfacing Peel Solution

Bundle contents:

  • 1x Age Element Brightening Booster - 3 booster 10ml each
    Brightening, revitalizing concentrate. Moisturises the skin and visibly reduces imperfections and expression lines.
  • 1x Age Element Firming Booster - 3 booster 10ml each
    Firming concentrates with the lifting effect. Reduces skin flaccidity and redefines facial contours.
  • 1x Age Element Anti-wrinkle Booster - 3 booster 10ml each
    Multicorrector concentrates with anti-wrinkle action. Smoothes the skin surface, reducing wrinkles and expression lines.
  • 1x Age Element Redensifying Booster - 3 booster 10ml each
    Concentrate with redensifying and nourishing action. Provides turgor and flexibility.
  • 1x  Age Element Resurfacing Solution - 55ml bottle
    An exfoliating solution that prepares the skin and stimulates epidermal regeneration. Combination of AHA and BHA: glycolic, maslinic, salicylic and mandelic acid to reduce imperfections, improve texture and enhance skin radiance