Private Training - Acne Control

Private Training - Acne Control



This 4 hour private acne training is designed specifically for aesthetic professionals wishing to further their education on the new developments in treating acne and acne scarring using the latest technologies available as well as alternatives. You will learn about chemical peels, transdermal delivery systems, thermal and non-thermal light sources and microdermabrasion designed specifically for treating acne.

XTETIC’s intimate private training will provide the education to ensure the best practices, and gain the confidence to properly diagnosis and create a targeted treatment plan for your patients. This training will be an introduction to exploring the best practices when working with pharmaceutical grade treatments, understanding what causes acne, the newest active ingredients and how to use them effectively to treat acne- prone skin and scarring.

Treatments provided
  • 1 Matrix Vial
  • 1 Vitamin Complex Vial
  • 1 DSE Mask
  • 1 Azlean Peel
  • 1 T.C. Age
  • 1 Skin Repair


  • Learn to utilize modalities for acne conditions such as needling, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and dermal delivery devices. 
  • Strategies to maximize return on investment.
  • Multi-modality protocols for all grades of acne for both adults and teens.
  • Pre and post-treatment homecare protocols.
  • Gain experience with hands-on training on live models.
  • Master treating PIH and scaring.


  • 3 Chemical Exfollation Treatments
    Chemical exfoliation that improves the appearance of the skin, minimizes signs of aging, brightens, and reduces hyper pigmentation as well as other skin abnormalities.

  • 3 vials of the Innoaesthetics TDS Infusions. 
    Combination of active ingredients in Sterile and Paraben free Vials created for Transdermal delivery systems.

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