Master Class: Pigmentation, resurfacing, and contouring - XTETIC

Master Class: Pigmentation, resurfacing, and contouring



Master Class: Pigmentation, resurfacing, and contouring

March 15, 2020
Courtyard & Residence Inn
New Your Manhattan/Central Park
1717 Broadway
New York, NY 10019

mesotherapy • chemical peels • transdermal delivery

This course will be a fun and dynamic class where we will discover how to maximize the treatments and modalities you are already using. You will walk away with the ability to confidently up-sell during any treatment to increase your return on investment with XTETIC treatments.


  • Lightening Cream
  • MCA 35
  • Ultimate Eye Corrector
  • Face Nade
  • Matrix
  • Restructurer

Dr. Victor García
INNOAESTHETICS Laboratory Medical Consultant and Trainer
Dr. Victor García was graduated in Medicine and Surgery in 1992 and earned a Master degree in Aesthetic Medicine in 1994. He studied Mesotherapy and Aesthetics in Argentina 1995 and, one year later, he obtained a degree as educator for High Studies of Aesthetic Medicine. Dr. Garcia is the Medical Consultant and trainer for Innoaesthetics Laboratory from 2000.

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