Grascontrol: L-Carnitine

Grascontrol: L-Carnitine

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Oral Dietary Supplement

This product comes in 5 mL size x 20ct.

Exercise, together with a low calorie diet, is undoubtedly the best way to lose  weight. In such cases, Grascontrol is an ideal aid, as it produces a sensation of energy and vigor, decreases that hunger feeling and the tendency to consume sugars.

This is due to L-Carnitine, which Works in the body to transport fatty acids into the cells where it is used to produce energy. Therefore, is mobilized the desposits of accumulated fat. This, in turn, facilitates a decrease in body weight while improving muscle tone. That is why it is a product used by athletes and overweight people (especially those on hypo caloric diets exercise).

Likewise, L-Carnitin facilitates cardiac functions and avoid the accumulation of ketones, which may appear during restrictive diets.

 In other words, L-Carnitine reduces triglycerides which moves tissue fat and allows it to be used by the cells during energy metabolism. GRASCONTROL L-CARNITINE is an extremely effective supplement for athletes as it conditions the body for the better usage of fats and can produce improved synthesis of proteins and muscle growth. It prolongs exercise time, prevents muscle fatigue, increases oxygenation, maintains normal energy metabolism and increases stress resistance.

Method of Application

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To guarantee an adequate, daily intake of liquids, dissolve the contests of two vials of GRASCONTROL: L-CARNATINE in a liter and a half bottle of water, which should be drunk throughout the day. This is an easy way to guarantee daily water consumption, while at the same time, take advantage of the effects of GRASCONTROL with ARTICHOKE EXTRACT.


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