Brunch and Learn - Lightening

Brunch and Learn - Lightening



Come immerse yourself in both nutrition and knowledge! XTETIC is offering a complimentary Lightening Cream Peel product information course to elevate your pigmentation expertise. Learn how to enhance your client’s depigmentation results and optimize their overall service experience with you as the aesthetic professional leading the way.

Complimentary course! Space Limited!

Sunday January 26th

9:30am - 1:30pm

Our Brunch & Learn courses are focused to intensify the understanding of how to use and apply specific Xtetic products with purpose and confidence. This course will feature leading education on the INNO-EXFO® Lightening Cream Peel (USA Name: DSE Mask) for the treatment of pigmentation, photoaging, and inflammatory acne.

Enjoy a healthy brunch along with excellent networking opportunities with fellow aesthetic professionals.

Receive answers to your queries no matter how big or small and come ready to enhance your skills and craft!

Theory and hands-on!

Theory will include:

  • Skin histology: Pigmentation, Acne, PIH, Photoaging
  • Lightening Cream Peel - synergistic action for moderate photoaging, epidermal pigmentation, fine lines, and inflammatory acne
  • Ideal candidate for the Lightening Cream Peel, its active ingredients, benefits and expectations
  • Introduction of 3 different protocols to utilize with the Lightening cream
  • Additional product knowledge on INNO-TDS® Restructurer and how to optimize your treatment
  • Understanding how to immediately increase your ROI.

Hands-on experience:

  • Come prepared to practice what you learn on other classmates and prepped models.
  • Work through all possible concerns during protocol application
  • Leave with confidence to be a master depigmentation expert

We believe that by offering advanced and quality education in a clinical setting, we open up the opportunity for the aesthetic professional to heighten their confidence; therefore, increasing their ability to change peoples lives. Join us in the movement towards life changing aesthetics.