Bio-balancing formulas

hydratonic mist
moisturizing facial toner in
mist for all skin types
purifying mousse
balancing and anti-pollution
foam for oily and acne-prone skin
micellar biphasic
biphasic makeup
remover for eyes and lips
hydracream fusion
anti-pollution facial cream-oil for dry and sensitive skin
brightening foam
creamy cleansing foam for normal and mixed skin
ultimate micropeel
micro-exfoliating treatment to eliminate dead cells
anti-stress face mask
balancing and anti-pollution facial cream-oil for dry 
pure renewing mask
 exfoliates and cleanses the pores to prevent blemishes
hydravital mask
intensive moisturizing mask
for dry and dehydrated skin
all skin types
all skin types
anti-stress mask
sensitive skin 
pure renewing mask
oily & acne prone 
hydravital mask
dry & dehydrated