X.PROF 010 Artichoke Extract

Professional Use Only
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A sterile solution with firming effect and stimulation of connective tissue synthesis. It can be used in the final stage of treatment, after volume reduction in the treated area. Professional Use.


Cynara scolymus has lipolytic properties that encourage the synthesis of coenzymes NAD-NADH2 and NAP-NADPH2, which are involved in anabolic processes, reducing adipose tissue and in the synthesis of fatty acids in adipose and liver tissue. It also has a choleretic effect, increasing bile secretion and acting on the anti-toxic and glycogenic function of the liver due to its main active ingredient, Cynara.

It also has an effect on the kidney and urea metabolism, encouraging increased urine output.

Product Protocol

We recommend using a transdermal delivery system such as micro needling or mesotherapy.


5 ml ampoules