Age Element Resurfacing Solution

Professional Use Only
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Age Element Resurfacing Solution.
3 bottles of 55ml each

An exfoliating solution that prepares the skin and stimulates epidermal regeneration.

Renewing, brightening
Combination of AHA and BHA: glycolic, maslinic, salicylic and mandelic acid to reduce imperfections, improve texture and enhance skin radiance

[meso]epigen system™

smart reactivator of youth mechanisms. 3 epigenetic active ingredients with synergistic antiaging action.
It promotes cell regeneration mechanisms, enhancing the synthesis of essential proteins and cell longevity.

Method of Use

Soak two discs and begin the massage using first the smooth side of the disc on the décolleté, neck, and face. End with the rough side of the disc to enhance the exfoliating action. Leave on for 5 minutes.


3 bottles of 55ml each