Age Element Hydra Balance Cream

Professional Use Only
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Age Element Hydra Balance Cream


Moisturising, rebalancing base. Carries the active ingredients contained in the age element boosters.

Carrier, moisturiser, balancer
Its formula combines the carrier action of GPSage™ with a prebiotic that promotes microbiota balance, and hyaluronic acid to keep the skin hydrated and repulped [meso]epigen system™: smart reactivator of youth mechanisms. 3 epigenetic active ingredients with synergistic antiaging action. It promotes cell regeneration mechanisms, enhancing the synthesis of essential proteins and cell longevity.

[meso]epigen system™

Method of Use

Place in a bowl 4 pumps of age element hydra balance cream, then add the combination of boosters recommended for the skin conditions to be treated.

Hyaluronic acid, GPSage™, [meso]epigen system™, Youthbalance™