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Restructurer® is a formula that significantly reduces the formation of free radicals, protecting the skin from cell oxidation and oxidative stress. It effectively slows down the skin aging process, attenuates fine lines and wrinkles, and evens the skin tone.

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Restructurer Protocol

Powerful antioxidant and restructuring agent

Lightening Cream & Restructurer

A powerful combination of ingredients that stimulates fibroblast activity, preventing degradation of connective tissue, free radical control and lightening of pigmentations.

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Written Protocol

Combination of antioxidant ingredients that protect the skin tissue from free radical damage. Its formula prevents skin aging, enhances moisture, and helps to repair the components of the extracellular matrix.


Active ingredients are released into the target area rapidly but in a gentle manner with no side-effects. INNO-TDS® formulations are made without preservatives and are completely pure and sterile.


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Our goal is to help elevate aesthetic professionals, as an added value service for educational purposes only. Xtetic does not offer medical diagnosis or medical treatments to anyone.

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