Private Training - Pigmentation

Private Training - Pigmentation



Learn the differences between pigmentations like Senile, Solar Lentigos, Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation, Ephelides and Melasma.  Become educated about the process of Melanogenesis and how Pigmentation is triggered. Master standard and advanced treatment protocols to control the overproductions of Melanin with the use of the most effective pharmaceutical tyrosinase inhibitors for use in all skin types and fitzpatricks.

This private training will teach the physiological reactions that take place within the epidermis and dermis before any pigment is ever seen on the surface of the skin. Learn the importance of cellular interactions between keratinocytes, Langerhans, fibroblast and the role these important cells play in the activation of melasma lesions. You will learn who’s at risk, signs and symptoms as well as pre and post treatment care. This training with be an introduction to exploring the best practices when working with pharmaceutical grade treatments, understanding the newest active ingredients and how to use them effectively.

Treatments provided
  • 1 Melanostop Peel
  • 1 DSE Mask
  • 1 Depigmentation Solution Vial
  • 1 Restructurer Vial
  • 1 DSE 24h Cream


  • Learn how to properly diagnose different types of pigmentation with confidence
  • Become skilled in leading active ingredients to dramatically improve pigmentation and melasma
  • Master a broad range of protocols to use on any Fitzpatrick skin type
  • Apply the knowledge of pre-treatment and post-treatment pigment protocols for long lasting results
  • Gain confidence when working with combination acids meant for pigmentation control such as Melanostop, DSE Mask, Cosmelan, Mandelage and Bio C.
  • Control Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation with transdermal infusions

During the private training, the following modalities will be reviewed:

  • Microdermabrasion
  • Ultrasound Therapy
  • Microneedling
  • Dermaplaning
  • LED therapy
  • Chemicals Peels


  • 2 Transdermal Delivery Infusions
    Unique fusion of active ingredients specialized for epidermal Microneedling.

  • 2 Chemical Exfoliation Treatments
    Chemical exfoliation that improves the appearance of the skin, minimizes signs of aging, brightens, and reduces hyper pigmentation as well as other skin abnormalities.

  • 1 Pre and Post Treatment Cream
    A 2% Retinol based cream with a blend of tyrosinase inhibitors that extends the results from the professional treatment.

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