Xtetic Brings the Next Level of Guidance to Skincare





Xtetic Brings the Next Level of Guidance to Skincare

As budding Aesthetic Professionals seek to develop their own brands they often proceed unguided. Here to train and educate is the acclaimed organization

 XTETIC World, Inc.

North Hollywood, California – August 17, 2016 – XTETIC World, Inc.


An esteemed brand and teacher in the field of medical skin care, has moved into its new home in North Hollywood, the heart of human expression. NOHO was selected as it is one of Los Angeles’ trendiest ranges. XTETIC has experienced a more than 18-month long advancement, making it’s headquarter second to none with sumptuous, therapeutic, and cutting-edge workplaces. These changes have devoted over 4,000 square feet to the XTETIC Academy; one of their core values is to focus on the process of instructing medical aesthetic experts. 


This new space houses more than 20 aesthetic consultants and a massive space committed purely for education. Here XTETIC can train avid learners in medical aesthetic procedures. As a side benefit, visitors are sure to find XTETIC’s own healthy-skin experts shedding light on mysteries explaining the most recent innovations in the aesthetics industry.


To augment this excitement for innovation is the energy of progress, embodied by the move XTETIC has taken to NOHO. They have poured over 4 million dollars into a new 11,000 square foot corporate home. When asked why the massive move, the CEO Adolfo Bejarano has stated “We believe that aesthetics can transform people’s lives and we are profoundly committed to delivering superior choices.”


To ensure that all teaching is refined, XTETIC has spent 15 years gathering experience. Along the way, they have maintained their focus on producing tasteful items, powerful instruction, and uncompromised customer experience. XTETIC aims to provide a fully comprehensive platform. With this general approach, XTETIC has all the information and expertise needed to educate aesthetic professionals, research new products, provide quality control, tune marketing tactics, and conduct both B2B and B2C opportunities.


Aside from sheer experience, XTETIC values innovation to provide products like no other company can by speaking directly to international pharmaceutical companies: Mesoestetic, laboratories is a Barcelona, Spain based company on the bleeding edge of skin care products, Innoaesthetics Laboratories is also based  in Barcelona, Spain offering outstanding product ingenuity, compelling formulations and concise scientific research grows, Rennova Pharmaceuticals, conducting dermal fillers (outside of the USA), and Genosys, a leader in needling specialties.



CEO of Xtetic 

Adolfo Bejarano is the CEO of XTETIC, Inc. It is his dynamic vision and steady drive that transformed XTETIC into the multimillion-dollar, international organization it is today. With over 20 years of involvement in brand administration and conveyance, Adolfo possesses the capacity to position the XTETIC brand where few others can reach. Bejarano’s passion for aesthetics and a businessman from the core, is always hunting down the most recent imaginative arrangements in medicinal feel and other potential developments, opening doors for his clients and their patients.



 We invite you to visit www.xtetic.com for more information.