Why the brown bottle?

Many different products are stored in bottles of different shapes, sizes and colors. Many times product need its ingredients protected by its container. Why are essential oils and facial serums stored in dark colored bottles? It’s not just to be fancy, amber bottles are preferred by the pharmaceutical companies and by producers of essential oils and pure plant ingredients for good reason. The first one is that it protects the product contained inside from photo damage. The sun’s light contains UV rays that are not only harmful to our skin but can change the components of different products as well. We don’t want to buy a product spoiled by light. 

Amber bottles can filter out blue and ultraviolet light. The problem with blue bottle is that they allow the blue light in and this is not good for essential oils and skin care products. When you protect the ingredients from the harmful rays, the products, you are extending the shelf life of the ingredients. Amber and brown are a low-intensity, low-frequency hues: basically, darkened yellow, orange, or red The low intensity blocks out some light and the hue enables some frequencies in the red to yellow range to pass through. Lower frequencies are effectively blocked, including ultra-violet frequencies. This is precisely why brown/amber is the best color range for allowing some transparency while still blocking harmful UV light!