Treating Pigmentation With TDS!

Treating pigmentation is tricky, using the right active ingredients and prevention is key in obtaining long lasting results.

Prevention needs to start in your late teens, early 20s. Always remembering to avoid the sun, tanning is not recommended! We know spring break is right around the corner, but please do not forget to carry your best defense against the sun, your UVP SPF 50! If you must sunbathe, continue to apply SPF throughout the day and please wear a cute hat!

Now, if you already suffer from pigmentation, there is hope! Using the right proper active ingredients will help suppress the tyrosinase enzyme, which is the enzyme that triggers pigment production. Let's dive into the top performing TDS Infusion that helps prevent pigment production and unifies skin tone.

It's all in the name; RESTRUCTURER was formulated to change the appearance of the skin by using powerful antioxidants, vitamins, and peptides. The TDS RESTRUCTURER infusion will improve the production of collagen, and regulates the synthesis of the elements involved in skin nutrition. The control of free radicals aids in controlling pigmentation and lightening of the melanin pigment.