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Discover the new generation of customizable solutions for every body. This non-invasive product line prevents and slows adipocyte differentiation, drains and activates microcirculation, stimulates lipolysis, and reduces localized fat.

Body image has been a personal and social concern since the dawn of time, accounting for beauty treatments invented back in Egypt and Persia; matching beauty and morality in the Middle Age; depicting the ideal faces in the renaissance; reinventing beauty types in modernity; embracing the difference between all body types in the latest decades.

As a matter of fact, research on the topic has increased significantly: the publication of papers related to cosmetic body sculpting has risen by 75% during the last two decades. The US alone sums up 15 million cosmetic surgeries yearly and it’s no surprise to see that invasive methods like liposuction are some of the most performed cosmetic surgical procedures.

Body sculpting technology

Although some of the first dated procedures were performed to achieve functional benefits and healthier body types, countless techniques have been developed to work on the upper and lower body localized adiposity areas and the abdomen trying to reach a harmonic and slimmer figure. Now we finally meet the definitive shock, a new generation of body solutions to effectively reshape the body.

Top European research center and medical laboratory mesoestetic® developed a new technology of active ingredient vehiculation to create long-lasting and highly effective custom-made body solutions acting on three levels:

  • Microcirculation: improving nourishment and oxygenation of the tissue
  • Adipose tissue: dissolves fatty nodules reducing the treated area contour
  • Connective tissue: recovering its elasticity, firmness, and hydration
Applied to six body areas: double chin, arms, breasts, abdomen and flanks, buttocks, and legs. And targeting four major body concerns: localized fat, loss of firmness, cellulite, stretch marks, and favoring drainage.

The technology smart adiposhock system encapsulates and transports active ingredients via peptide ligand and releases them through micro-dosing in the cells that form the fatty tissue, boosting the cell selectivity by 800%* and the percentage of cell internalization by 400%*. Enhancing the treatment efficacy, excess fat reduction, and increasing skin quality significantly.

Bodyshock products have proven great performance in in-vitro studies*
  • Bodyshock Lipolytic Booster: increased lipolysis by 22 times in an adipocyte culture after 3 hours 
  • Bodyshock Firming Booster: increased collagen synthesis over the fibroblasts by 181 times after 24 hours 
  • Bodyshock Stretchmarks Booster: increased tissue repair activity by 72% after 24 hours of culture 

Bodyshock® in-vivo results

Before & After Strech Mark Treatment MesoesteticBefore & After Strech Mark Treatment Mesoestetic Before & After Abdomen Treatment MesoesteticBefore & After Abdomen Treatment Mesoestetic

How to Bodyshock

The protocol for the Bodyshock line starts with a professional diagnostic so the parameters related to the development of the silhouette's main alterations can be analyzed in relation to age, gender, background, personal lifestyle, and habits to determine a profile to implement the personalized and professional home treatments so the best possible results can be reached.

cycle illustration

  1. Prepare with Bodyshock Exfoliator Gel. Includes gluconolactone and lactic acid. 
  2. Vehiculate and customize with the massage blend, emulsifying Bodyshock Active Solution, and the desired Booster Solution. You can revise some massage techniques recommended by mesoestetic® experts to improve the application.
    The Active solution contains olea europea fruit oil and simmondsia chinensis seed extract. Each booster contains different active ingredients according to the skin concern. 
  3. Boost with Bodyshock Remodelling Mask or Bodyshock Tightening Mask, or both!
  4. Intensify with Bodyshock Intensifying Cream. Contains hydrolyzed wheat protein, hydrolyzed soy protein, and serine and proline. 
  5. Repeat! 2 weekly in-office sessions for 5 weeks, 10 sessions total 

In & Out Strategy

The maximum therapeutic response will be reached when the patient continues the use of the Bodyshock home treatment regime, the participation and involvement of the patient are essential. It is advised that the Professional always accompany the process, encouraging the at-home topical treatments use: Bodyshock Total Reducer, Bodyshock Night Reducer, and Bodyshock Push-Up, and the responsible consumption of nutraceuticals to guarantee more visible, longer-lasting results.

78% of the people consider that they must care for their physical appearance*; therefore, the Medical Aesthetician must start the process by helping the patient acknowledge the objective of the body treatment, working on the expectations, and using as many tools as possible to connect and empathize on a personal level.

What about C.PROF?

The C.PROF 220, 221, 222, and 224 cocktails can be a great asset to incorporate into the Bodyshock treatment, its high concentrations and additional active ingredients can ensure the highest therapeutic response level. The recommended application for C.PROF is Transdermal Delivery or the M Pen Pro Device.

Xtetic is the exclusive distributor for mesoestetic® in the US, you can click here to start experiencing the benefits of being part of our community and purchase the complete Bodyshock Body Sculpting Kit for an incredible price.

Body Sculpting Kit Mesoestetic®

Kit Includes:

  • 1 Bodyshock firming booster
  • 1 Bodyshock draining booter
  • 1 Bodyshock lipolytic booster
  • 1 Bodyshock stretchmarks booster
  • 1 Bodyshock active solution
  • 1 C.PROF 220 draining solution - 5x10ml ea
  • 1 C.PROF 221 lipolytic solution - 5x10ml ea
  • 1 C.PROF 222 body firming solution - 5x10ml ea
  • 1 C.PROF 224 celullishock solution - 5x10ml ea
  • 1 Bodyshock exfoliator gel
  • 1 Bodyshock intensifying cream
  • 1 Bodyshock remodeling mask
  • 1 Bodyshock tightening mask
*Studies provided by mesoestetic®

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