European-based, mesoestetic is the world leader in the treatment of hyperpigmentation with over 30 years of research and innovation bringing technologically advanced and effective solutions to a growing, global issue. More than 90% of people over the age of 50 are affected by different kinds of pigmentation problems. Using big data, artificial intelligence, and computational design, mesoestetic has upgraded Dermamelan to become the only responsive depigmentation treatment on the market that has a corrective and regulating action.

Since exogenous and endogenous factors may influence melanogenesis and result in a localized overproduction of melanin, it is important to work on the skin on two levels to achieve the desired results: removing skin hyperpigmentation of melanin origin, while regulating melanin overproduction in melanocytes, inhibiting, and controlling reappearance of new spots. This cutting-edge formula attains short and long-term control of hyperpigmentation, despite phototypes and ethnicity.

The uniqueness of this formula is endorsed by two patents that enhance the high efficacy and safety of the product, inhibiting melanin synthesis up to 89%, therefore increasing depigmenting synergy, reducing the protocol time of the treatment mask from 8-12 hours to 4 hours, and an at-home treatment time from 6 months to 4 months: making the application more compatible with contemporary lifestyles.


[SYN]pigmentarget® is a system developed through the combination of three selected active ingredients at optimum concentrations that promote a high-synergism therapeutic response in the interaction with key pigmentation targets, inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase up to 54% in combination with dermamelan® active ingredients, obtaining an overall effectivity of 2.5 times more than the previous formula, as shown in the in-vitro efficacy study of a culture of melanocytes stimulated with L-tyrosine.


The second patent is melaphenone®, a molecular design whose structure and 3D conformation provide high specificity and safety for every patient regardless of skin type or Fitzpatrick. The action of this molecule in the neutralization of tyrosinase enzyme activity goes up to 56%, achieving the regulation of melanin synthesis, as proven by the in-vitro efficacy study of a culture of melanocytes stimulated with melaphenone®.

melaphenone chart

Dermamelan Ion Mask Mesoestetic The dermamelan ion maskmaximizes penetration of active ingredients by applying the principles of transepidermal vehiculation systems with targeted action and iontophoresis, resulting in a more comfortable and safer application protocol. The multilamellar nanovesicles carry and release active ingredients improving the whole formula’s stability, and iontophoresis allows the formation of microchannels to improve permeability, so the active ingredient reaches the site of action easily.

XTETIC has developed a new groundbreaking protocol to take advantage of these improvements, seeking better results through a second “touch up” treatment using the same contents of one Dermamelan Fortified Method pack, and a complimentary second ion mask, our gift to you. A revolutionary in-office treatment of two sessions to provide synergistic and intensive depigmenting action that is worth a try.

XTETIC is the exclusive distributor of dermamelan in the United States of America.

If you want to know more about the New Dermamelan Application Protocol, register now to XPERTS TALK, a live stream Q&A session with Angel Olvera M.D to dive into all the innovations Xtetic has for the aesthetic professional community, and clarify any lingering doubts.


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